Bunbury Church Historical Outline

1895 November: Bro J Hindson canvassed with the book "Thoughts from Daniel and the Revelations".

1896 October: Sis F Johanson canvassed with the book "Ladies Guide".

1898 Bro F.W. Reekie canvassed with the "Home Health Book".

1900 Sunday January 14: Saw the commencement of the tent mission by Pr Hesse Pallant with 70 attending the evening services Pr Craddock was also working in Bunbury.

1900 17 members in the Bunbury Company were listed on the fourth quarter report.

1901 (Approximate date) Bunbury Church was organized with 19 members.

1904 September 22-27: The W.A. Session was held in the Temperance Hall, Museum Street Perth. Bunbury was as a church.

1905 Only 3 members remaining in the Bunbury Church.

1906 5 members listed in Dardanup (neighboring town) on the first quarters report.

1906 Pr L.V. Finster conducted a tent mission in Bunbury.

1917 Bunbury was listed as a company.

1921 Edward & Edith Chapman set aside their very large front room at their Clark Street home, for Sabbath Services. Chairs were set in rows, a table placed centrally in the front. A beautiful pedal organ positioned across one corner. The curtains, floor coverings, chandelier, ornaments, cushions, table cloths and other exquisite furnishings enhanced the room for services and praise to God.

1928 Bunbury was listed as a company.

1934 Pr V. Reye who had been working in the Bunbury area died.

1952 Bunbury company met in the CWA Hall (Country Women's Association)

1953 September 5: Business meeting. A block of land had been purchased previously in Vasse Road Bunbury. It was proposed to sell this block and buy another one on the corner of Alexander Street and Forrest Ave.

1954 April 14: Design plans for the new church were presented and fund raising was discussed.

1954 July 3: A brick making machine was purchased.

1954 July 14: The Vasse Road block was sold and water was put on the block in Alexander street (Now the Fire Station site).

1954 October 2: A cement mixer was purchase for brick making. Bricks were stolen.

1955 May 7: Finance for building the church was considered.

1956 July 3: A two acre block of land in Vasse Road (Now Spencer St.) was purchased for 1550 pounds. This was the previous site of the Bunbury SDA Church.

1956 August 2: The block in Alexander Street was sold and the brick making machine was to be sold.

1958 Building commenced on the Spencer Street church block. The church was completed in 1961. Documentation on construction costs is not available, although "memory has it" the building cost 4000 to 5000 pounds.

1959 Sabbath services were being conducted in the Lesser Hall of the Railway Institute in Bunbury.

1959 December: The first services were conducted in the partly finished church.

1960 February 2: The first wedding was conducted in the not yet completed church building. (Ron and Marie Booth)

1960 Pr. V. Heise, was called to Karalundi just before the completion of the church building.

1961 November 11: The dedication of the new church building was conducted by Pr. F. T. Maberly and Pr. A. S. Jorgensen. The Bunbury Mayor, (Mr Barney Hay) was in attendance.

1963 March 4: A meeting was held to discuss the purchase and transport of a hall from Hoffman's Mill. The hall was owned by Millar's Timber Trading Company.

1966 March 7: Was the first time recorded discussion took place on establishing a church school in Bunbury. It was decided that the proposal was not yet a viable one.

1974 October: A motion was passed to commence investigation with the council and other related bodies regarding the building and operating of a church school.

1976 A building committee was formed under the leadership of senior elder Brother E. Jones, who was also a supervisor for a large building firm in the town. The church was fortunate in having six building tradesmen among its members and many others who were capable of using their skills to build. The day the concrete floor was poured, so many turned up to lend a hand that it was hard to find a space to work.

1977 February: Bunbury Seventh-day Adventist Primary School opened it's door's for the first time with an enrollment of 11 pupils.

1992 October: A motion was passed to close the school. The school had not been financially viable for a number of years, the final year enrollment numbered 8 pupils with poor prospects for the following 3 years.

1993 February: The empty school buildings were re-allocated for use in the following manner:-

Classroom one Function/Meeting room

Classroom two Adracare room

Teacher's office Library

1998 September 7: A motion was passed to sell the church and property to relocate.

1998 Bunbury Church was established as a satellite down link site. Pr. Dwight Nelson's Net 98 program was the first program via satellite to be presented in the Bunbury area.

2000 June: No action was taken with the sale and purchase of a new church property. Problems with council by-laws, zoning etc. needed to be addressed.

2001 March 31: Bunbury Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated it's centennial at the Gymnasium at the Bunbury Senior High School. The theme was "The Guiding Light". In attendance was the Bunbury Mayor (John Castrilli), the conference President (Pastor Murray House), and the talented musical group "Spectrum" provided music for the day. Pastor Robert Kingdon had just taken up the position as Bunbury's Church Pastor and was present on the day with his wife Leslie.

2003 Bunbury Seventh-day Adventist Church purchases property at the corner of Woodley and Vittoria Roads, Glen Iris as the location for its new church complex.

2003 November 1: Last Church Service in Spencer Street (Previous Church Property)

2003 November 5: Church organ moved to Eaton Baptist Church, where service would be held, until we moved into our new Church building.

2003 November 8: First Service held at the Eaton Baptist Church.

2003 November 20: Settlement on the Spencer St. property.

2004 February 10: 9 Woodley Road, Conference house adjoining church block purchased by the conference.

Fundraising - The Church was involved in many fundraising ideas for the new church, such as apple picking, newspapers, camp cooking, selling plants, regular stalls, ironing, just to name a few.

Pastor Robert and Lestlie Kingdon, opened their home to Bunbury Church to hold Board Meetings, Business Meetings, Building Committee Meetings and Soup Luncheons. Their garage was also to become one of the storage facilities for newspapers for fundraising.

2006 June: Last service held at the Eaton Baptist Church.

2006 July 1: The first service was held at the new church in Woodley Road.

2006 July 22: The Opening Ceremony for the new church, with the Bunbury Mayor David Smith, MLA John Castrilli, Mr Warrick Long (WA Conference Secretary), Pastor Robert Kingdon, Pastor Jeff Youlden, took part in the opening Ceremony. The church building was built debt-free. Attendance 660.

2006 December 8: First funeral - Helga Barrett.

2006 December 9: First Baptism - Rebecca Eyres, Lyn Mann, Janelle Ashmore, Graham Edmonds, Donna Edmonds, Ethan Edmonds, and Skye Edmonds.

2007 September 30: Frist Wedding - Daniel and Nicole Waring.

2007 Pathfinder storage shed and ADRA Department work room constructed.

2008 March 10: First ADRA metting/work session.